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Back-to-School Sale 2014

Friday, August 22

Saturday, August 23

Sunday, August 24

Ceramics may not seem like the first school supply you'd need to buy, but it would be a great way to get in good with a teacher, right? Or somebody? We all need to get in good with somebody. And this is a good time to do it: sale prices on old(er) favorites. Come by and see what we're up to!



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Fresh From The Oven

Here's a preview of our fall show!--and you're not on our mailing list and would like to be, drop me a line at john@johneck.com.

Also: we'll be closed August 16th, but we'll have our extended summer sale the following weekend (August 22-24). Check back here for times (and we'll be sending an email).



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Closed! Fourth of July Weekend...


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Work in Progress

Just put this vase/vessel form together, so it's still damp.

(Keep your fingers crossed.)


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Spring Show 2014

rafter e studio
4501 Fairmount Avenue, KCMO

Friday, April 25th
Saturday, April 26th (10am-5pm)
Sunday, April 27th (Noon-5pm)

In addition to ceramics by John Eck and Tara Dawley, we'll be featuring the work of  the four artists below. Come help us celebrate our one-year anniversary!

Paintings by Rick Findley

Prints by
Steve Huey

Prints by
John Lujan

Prints by
Rebecca Riden


 Ceramics by Tara Dawley



Ceramics by John Eck 


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