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Closed! Fourth of July Weekend...


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Work in Progress

Just put this vase/vessel form together, so it's still damp.

(Keep your fingers crossed.)


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Spring Show 2014

rafter e studio
4501 Fairmount Avenue, KCMO

Friday, April 25th
Saturday, April 26th (10am-5pm)
Sunday, April 27th (Noon-5pm)

In addition to ceramics by John Eck and Tara Dawley, we'll be featuring the work of  the four artists below. Come help us celebrate our one-year anniversary!

Paintings by Rick Findley

Prints by
Steve Huey

Prints by
John Lujan

Prints by
Rebecca Riden


 Ceramics by Tara Dawley



Ceramics by John Eck 


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Work in Progress

Spring Show is coming! April 25-27. Email john@johneck.com to get on the mailing list. (Below: John's lidded boxes and tray with a new clay from Brackers--thanks, Cindy!)


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Art by Architects! Call for Submissions.

Are you an architect, landscape architect, interior architect or interior designer?

Do you make beautiful things outside the office, too?

Do you wish you had someplace to show them?

If you answered "yes" to all three of those questions, we'd like to hear from you.

We'd like to develop a list of people who meet the above description to show their work at Rafter E. We host (generally) three shows a year. In the broadest sense, we're looking for two-dimensional work, but if you work three-dimensionally, send us pics, anyway! Who knows where this will go? The only requirements are that it be for sale, and if two-dimensional, be self-supporting (i.e. framed, stretched on a frame, mounted, etc.)

When you contact us, please send jpgs of your work, with the files labeled with your name and size of work (i.e. "Robert Smith_24x36"). Tell us a little about the medium, the price point you're thinking of--and anything else you'd like to say. Ideally, the slides are of the actual piece(s) you'd like to show. Send to john@johneck.com.

 April 1: 

Deadline for email submissions.

April 8: 

We plan to sort the work (so shows look cohesive), so we'll email you about how your work could fit in the overall year's show schedule.

April 19: 

Work for the Spring Show needs to be delivered to 4501 Fairmount, KCMO (no later than this date).

April 25-27: 

Spring Show of Work.

Sales tax will be added to whatever price you assign, and we're happy to help you determine price, if you like. A 10% commission will defray our costs of mounting the show, advertising, wrapping materials, credit card fees, etc. 

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PorchfestKC 2014

Music, art, food . . . and a walk around our West Plaza neighborhood! Saturday, June 14. Visit www.porchfestkc.com to learn more about it (and how you can be a part of it). The snow should probably be gone by then.

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Valentine's Day 2014

(Sign up for our emails and get nice pictures like this from us. Only occasionally. You won't get sick of us. Let me know at john@johneck.com.)

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Architecture Break

If you haven't been to Arrow Rock, Missouri, it's worth a look. Hiking, history, antiques, crafts, theater--it's got it all. The history is too extensive to cut and paste here, but suffice it to say that (per the website) "the entire village of Arrow Rock has been designated a National Historic Landmark recognizing its association with Westward Expansion, the Santa Fe Trail and the artist George Caleb Bingham."

It's growing in popularity as a weekend destination for Kansas Citians, with more than a few opting to build on empty lots in the city. Like my clients, whose home is in its final stages. Because of the historic status, all homes have to adhere to a very well-written set of design guidelines. You should go!



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Work in Progress

John's trying out a new stoneware and borrowing some of Tara's engobes . . .




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Scenes from the Holiday Show

We had a great turnout! Thanks to everyone who came by (all year long). It's been a fun year--looking forward to the next one.










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Vintage Warren Mackenzie

mackenzie.jpgCool news!

As a bonus for visitors coming to our Kansas Clay Guild Studio Tour, we'll have a special showing of Warren Mackenzie pots from the late 1960's and 1970's. They're all from the collection of Ted Seligson, noted Kansas City architect and longtime educator. 

Unfortunately, they won't be for sale--just for looking! But they've never been on display before, so here's your chance.

Go here for more info about the tour.

(And, of course, they'll be plenty of brand-new work to peruse, too.)

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Scenes from the Fall Show

If you didn't get a chance to see it, here are some shots! 







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Fall Show

New Season = New Work!


This fall, we're featuring paintings by Curtis Simmons (Kansas City architect + artist) and wood-fired ceramics by Bede Clarke (Columbia, MO artist + professor) along with new work from Tara Dawley and John Eck. It's never too early for holiday shopping!  (Even for yourself.)

Friday, October 11th (5pm-9pm)
Saturday, October 12th (10am-5pm)
Sunday, October 13th (Noon-5pm)
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Dog Days

It's been pretty quiet around the studio: John's back teaching at UMKC and Tara's been traveling . . . but at least the garden is being productive. We had a GREAT sale in August (thanks, neighbors!) and are getting ourselves geared up for the Fall Show on October 11-13. 


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Summer Sale! Mark Your Calendars.

We're gearing up to show a LOT of new work later this fall and winter, so we decided we better clear some shelves. Lots of things will be on sale, much of which you haven't seen before . . . it's been squirreled away in "during-construction" storage. Come take a look!

Friday, August 9th (5pm-9pm)
Saturday, August 10th (10am-5pm)
Sunday, August 11th (noon-5pm)

PS: This will also be our first use of Constant Contact to send out email notices about the sale, so check your spam box if you're wondering why no one has told you about it, and mark it "safe" . . . OR drop me an email at john@johneck.com to get on the list. (Emails will be only a few times a year, and the list is kept private.)

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