John Eck, Architect


2016 Holiday Sale + Open House

4501 Fairmount, Kansas City, Missouri

Friday, December 2 (6pm-9pm)

Saturday, December 3 (10am-5pm)

Sunday, December 4 (Noon-5pm) 


Although we love our studio, an opportunity to home-studio has finally presented itself (and that's hard to beat), so the time has come to sell. Below you'll see an assortment of photos of the building, and a floor plan. If you know anyone who's looking, please pass it on! Here's some more info:
  • The lot that the building sits on it is about 50' x 111'. The building sits directly on the northwest corner, with no setback. This leaves lots of room on the remaining lot to build on or add on, if desired.0.14 acres (6,017.80 SF)
  • The lot is zoned R-2.5, which is residential. However, because of the building's age (built in 1905, allegedly) and its original use (neighborhood grocery), it has a "Certificate of Legal Non-Conformance", meaning that commercial uses can still exist on the lot, as long as the building exists. The building and lot can certainly be used as residential, also.
  • Although any potential buyer should verify their intended use with the city, the building's configuration lends itself well to a retail shop, small office, yoga studio, personal trainer, salon, etc--as well as a live-work art studio! In addition to parking on the lot, there is room for parking alongside 45th Street, also. Its corner location along 45th Street makes for high visibility.
  • The building is a simple one-story, slab-on-grade structure (no basement) and is approximately 20' x 50'. It is wood frame. There is an attic "space" above, but it has no floor. An asphalt drive and parking area runs along the south side.
  • The building underwent an extensive renovation in 2012-2013. The renovation was done fully under permit, inspected and approved by the City of KCMO. The following is a list of improvements:
  • New cement board siding, trim and paint.
  • New insulated doors and windows on east and west sides.
  • All new interior buildout, including additional insulation at walls and attic. It has a mix of 8' and 11' ceiling heights.
  • New office/kitchenette area with undercounter refrigerator and cabinetry.
  • New work area with large stainless steel sink, counter and shelves.
  • New bathroom with sink, toilet and shower area. New 50-gallon gas hot-water heater.
  • New 200amp electrical service from pole, and entirely new wiring, outlets and lighting within building.
  • New hard-wired alarm (smoke and security) system.
  • New data cabling in with three outlets, although the wireless Google fiber serves all our internet needs just fine.
  • All new plumbing supply pipes (copper) and wastelines within building. These were connected to the existing line out to street at the face of building.
  • All new (gas) heating, ventilating and air-conditioning system and ductwork. All new gas lines within building. Gas is connected to existing line to street at face of building.
  • New asphalt topping on drive.
  • New landscaping.
  • The asphalt shingle roof (single layer) was not replaced, but is still in good condition. New guttering and downspouts were added.
  • The renovation was carried out by a licensed architect and built by a licensed contractor. The building won a Merit Award for "Contemporary Design in a Historic Context" from the Kansas City Historic Foundation in 2014.
  • 2016 Property Taxes = $1471.70.

The building will be open during our holiday ceramics show: Dec. 2 (6-9pm), Dec. 3 (10am-5pm), Dec. 4 (12-5pm), and via the realtor soon after.
A link to the real estate listing will be provided here soon, and/or you can contact Sirenna Beyer with Reece Nichols at 816.591.5186. The property address is 4501 Fairmount, KCMO.
view the real estate listing, please click here.

View of front door and display area.

View of main work area.

Display shelf and view to back door.

View of main work area and canvas drapes in front of storage cubbies.
View to back of main workroom. Sliding doors easily reconfigure the space.
View of front door and window. Work sink in alcove to left.
A view into the bathroom.
View of entry at night.
View of office/kitchenette.


Open Saturday, July 4, 2015!

It'll be a beautiful day, we'll be making pots...why not be open? Bring your family and friends and come on by. Open 12pm-5pm every Saturday. (Below: a gladiola from the garden and a new stoneware vase from John Eck.) 


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Spring Has Sprung at Rafter E

Don't you want to be a part of it? Our pots make your flowers look even better!

PS: Don't forget about Porchfest on June 13th. Everybody who's anybody will be there.

PPS: These flowers are all from our studio garden! 








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Architecture Break: Arrow Rock II

In case you were wondering why the previous post described the house as Arrow Rock I . . . here's an early peek at Arrow Rock II, right across the street! I'll post more as it finishes up. A bigger place, for a retired couple, who spend more time down in AR. Giant back acreage looking out onto horse stables. And horses, of course. A little different look to this one--it needed to meld with a couple of existing structures on the property.





This is the street side/south side of the house. The garage to the right was existing. Like the first house, this one has laminated asphalt shingles, Hardie-plank lap siding and brick-veneer foundations (this is nearly a building standard in AR). More photos to come!

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Architecture Break: Arrow Rock I

If  you read this blog from time to time, you probably saw a post a year or two ago about this weekend house under construction. Because of the town's status on the historic register, all new construction must be designed in a fitting, traditional style. Although from the outside it has a Shaker-meets-Queen Anne kind of look, the interior is actually quite contemporary. The centerpiece is a large, vaulted living/kitchen area. The kitchen has a BIG wood-topped island that can seat up to eight, in lieu of a dining table. The higher seating lets you see over the living room furniture and out to the beautiful view.

It's all done now, and the owners are spending happy weekends in historic Arrow Rock, Missouri. Maybe they'll have you over for dinner? I'll put a good word in for you. (But only if you like us on Facebook! Hey, pots don't sell themselves.)





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Scenes from the Spring Show

Thanks to everyone that helped make it a great weekend!





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Spring Show 2015

Our third annual! We're really excited about this group . . . and, well, about spring in general. The studio garden is coming back to life! Come by, catch up. (And feel free to join our mailing list if you're not already on there. And/or, like us on Facebook!)

Friday, April 24

Saturday, April 25

Sunday, April 26


Ryan Fletcher (



Kahlil Robert Irving ( creates installations and sculpture that collage color, complex forms, and recognizable objects relating to different signs and symbols from his cultural and social environment. His work has been exhibited internationally at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, in Jerusalem, Israel; The International Ceramics Studio, in Kecskemet, Hungary; and the Riga Porcelain Museum in Riga, Latvia. He has also exhibited nationally at The Glassell School and Museum of Fine Art in Houston, Texas; The Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and the Kansas City Artist Coalition in Kansas City, Missouri.




Reuben Ruhl is currently attending the University of Missouri Kansas City.  His work is the result of the exploration of academic techniques and subtle iterations in style which often effect the subject of his work in unanticipated ways.  This process is a meditation on the subjective altering of the objective world of experience; in which the human body is simultaneously the barrier to the Experienced Universe and its co-creator.





Tara Dawley ( received her Bachelor of Science at Missouri Southern State College and later began her career as a studio potter in Kansas City, Missouri in 1999. Having acquired extensive teaching experience, she shares her expertise through workshop presentations in studios across the country.  While emphasizing the alteration of form and the use of texture as surface design, her pieces continue to exist within the constraints of function. Tara creates at Rafter E Studio in Kansas City and her work can be seen in local and regional galleries and beyond.



John Eck ( is a practicing architect and professor at the University of Missouri, as well as a ceramicist. He received a Bachelor of Architecture from Kansas State University and a Master of Architecture from the University of Virginia. His training in clay took place at Lill Street Studio in Chicago and Stephen & Susan Hill’s original Red Star Studio in Kansas City. His work is primarily hand-built, and explores architectural form and “remembered” form—the mental baggage we all carry regarding the spaces and shapes we inhabit. 



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The Legend of the "Rafter E"

We've been open a couple years of now, and--not surprisingly--our name still confuses people. (Surely there's a Business 101 lesson in there somewhere.)

However, it had to be what it had to be. John has long stamped his pieces with the "Rafter E" logo, in a nod to the cattle brand established on his grandparent's/ parent's farm, as well as his own profession as an architect. (That's the antique original below, kinda looking like a "Rafter 3", but remember it's backward.) Although the brand is no longer in use in its original capacity, it still has a life in ceramics.

So although we might still get mistakenly referred to as "Rafter Studio" or have letters addressed to "Raftery Studio" or "Rafter E. Studio", if you just remember us as a great place for contemporary handmade ceramics--we're good!


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Testing Testing . . .

Greenware stacking canisters and some new test tiles. And the finished product!

PS: Had someone see this pic and ask me if our tabletops were cork. No, they're just plain old particle board with a polyurethane finish. But IKEA did just come out with some new cork tables. Have you seen these?




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So This Nice Thing Happened!


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Porchfest 2015!

What do you mean, you don't know what that is? Go here to find out:




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