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John Eck, Architect



Holiday Show 2019 + Open House

Well, it was a longer slog than expected...but the new (home and) studio are DONE. (More or less. There's always something.) Although I'm still in the process of setting up my studio, I plan to be open during the KC holiday ceramic sales. Tara Dawley and I will have work at my new home studio on Saturday, December 7, 2019 from 10am-5pm. I hope you can come by and see us!

DIRECTIONS: If you use Apple Maps, type in "3120 Holly, KCMO". If you use Google Maps, type in "Rafter E Studio" (it will take you to the wrong place if you use the address).

Sign up for emails here (I only send a couple per year). 




Update 2017

I've moved my studio! Well, I'm in the process, and work goes on in the meantime. If you'd like to contact me about a project, or ceramics, my contact info is in the menu adjacent.

Thanks to all those who came to visit my old studio. A few photos to remember it by below. I'll be updating this blog now and then but, well, Facebook is a little more expeditious. You can find me there at http://www.facebook.com/rafter.e.studio. 

View of front door and display area.

View of main work area.

Display shelf and view to back door.

View of main work area and canvas drapes in front of storage cubbies.
View to back of main workroom. Sliding doors easily reconfigure the space.
View of front door and window. Work sink in alcove to left.
A view into the bathroom.
View of entry at night.
View of office/kitchenette.

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New Work

John's trying out some new forms . . .



A Brief Interlude

I know this blog is always about ceramics, but here's a little architecture for variety. We just broke ground, so a little celebration seems in order. Below are pics of a weekend house in a small historic Missouri town for a very nice couple. Enough said. We'll leave them alone to enjoy the peace and quiet.



New Work

stackedforms.JPGTara and Susan Hill have pulled their work from the gallery so they can use it at the Brookside Art Fair this weekend, so it looks a little bare around Rafter E. (By the way, go to the Art Fair! Ignore the snow and cold! Support your local artists!)

However, there is always new work right around the corner. John is working with some new clay bodies and glazes, and just pulled these stacked forms out of the kiln this morning. This was a test run, but it worked out great--so expect to see more of these.

The piece shown here is about 2.5" by 2.5" by 13" high, and uses porcelain, dark-bodied stoneware and has both clear glazed and raw surfaces. (Shown on a painted wood riser.)


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