I started making ceramics in the late 90s at Chicago’s Lill Street Studios, mostly as a creative outlet outside architecture. But I soon found ceramics have much in common with architecture, and let me explore ideas about form without programs, budgets and codes. When I moved to KC, I started up at Red Star Studios, then moved to my own studio at 4501 Fairmount Avenue. We sold that studio in 2017, in anticipation of building a new home/studio, which is now complete and ready to roll.

SALES: Most of the work here is sold, but feel free to contact me for other available work. Don’t hesitate to drop me an email if you’d like to visit my new studio in Midtown KC (make a day of it and have lunch on 39th Street or down on the Boulevard). For holiday shopping, I have open studio hours as part of the KC Clay Guild’s Holiday Show. If you’d like a heads-up about shows, please subscribe to the mailing list, or follow on Facebook.

The work you see here is hand-built stoneware (occasionally porcelain), fired electric to Cone 5, with an assortment of glazes and slips. No forms are used. The pots are marked with my “Rafter E” chop, which was my family’s brand back in the cattle days.


Formal shots (see farther down) are nice for documentation, but I’ll always prefer the ceramics occupied. If you’d like to see more on Instagram, click here.



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